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Keep Your Kids Active in the 100 Mile Club


Keep Your Kids Active in the 100 Mile Club

[add_single_eventon show_excerpt=”yes” show_exp_evc=”yes” ext_url=”” etc_override=”yes” ]The concept of the 100 Mile Club is straightforward and simple: run, jog or walk 100 miles over the course of the school year. The idea takes a unique approach to prevent, reduce and reverse childhood obesity, which now affects more than 30 percent of children. The 100 Mile Club is empowering, and alsoencourages kids and their families to stay healthy and active.

It was founded 26 years ago by Kara Lubin – an Inland Empire resident and a fourth-generation public school teacher serving as a special education specialist– who was looking for creative solutions to keep her energetic students focused and primed for classroom success. Inspired by the 1992 Summer Olympics, she created the 100 Mile Club to get her students excited about physical activity and reaching goals.

Underlying Lubin’s mission is the idea that success for kids is directly linked to the concept of community. Along those lines, the 100 Mile Club takes the program outside of school. If your child is having trouble achieving their miles, there are local meet-ups that are open to club participants and their families. When attending a regional meet-up with your family, you can expect to receive credit slips for your child to take back to school for mile-credit toward the goal. All the meet-ups listed in the 100 Mile Club calendar are hosted and coordinated by outside volunteers.

As kids start to achieve their goals, there are milestones to celebrate along the way. The first is as simple as committing to try. Upon signing up and making the commitment, your child will receive a “Challenge Accepted!” identificationcard.

The 25-mile T-shirt is the next incentive. This year the T-shirt color is military green.

“I wanted the color to remind kids of nature, and I wanted it to match the environment they should be active in — which is outside,” said Lubin.

There are awards given at each additional 25 miles to recognize the student’s achievement. Students also receive a Certificate of Achievement at their school’s end-of-the-year awards ceremony.

This school year, help your child reach that 100-mile goal by joining other local families for 100 Mile Club-approved community meet-ups and by encouraging your child to run, jog or walk daily.

*Mark your calendar for September 8 because 100 Mile Club will be hosting a fun day at the Pomona Fairplex

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