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iE Parent of the Month-October

iE Parent of The Month

iE Parent of the Month-October

By: Jessica Peralta

Family: Hayley, 17, Kiana, 15, Bella, 10 and husband,Russ

Community: Montecito Ranch in the Temescal Valley

How do you involve yourself in the community?

“We love giving back and have a heart for the homeless and special needs. … We attend church at Crossroads and love our community there. We find great joy participating in anything that ABC Hopes does within the community. ABC Hopes is an awesome nonprofit that empowers individuals with intellectual disabilities to contribute to society.”

What is your job? 

“After my husband and I struggled with our weight for over a decade, we lost a combined 150 pounds and started a nationwide health coaching practice. I am proud to say I am now a full-time health coach, which brings me more joy than I could have ever imagined.”

What are some of your best moments of being a parent? 

“Our best moments of being a parent have to be seeing them grow into contributors to our community and society as a whole. Seeing our kids love others is probably our biggest blessing ever. We have raised our kids in the Christian faith and they each have their own journey with the Lord. We see them act in love in so many different ways based on their individual personalities, it’s incredibly beautiful to watch.”

If there’s one thing you wish every parent would do, what would that be? 

“I wish every parent would tell their kids they love them all the time. You cannot tell them enough.”

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