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7 Easy Halloween Costumes


7 Easy Halloween Costumes

7 Easy Halloween Costumes With Things You Already Have Around The House

Halloween is almost here and the stores have run out of all of the good costume options. You can still plan for a fun night out. Here are seven costume ideas that you can make without even having to leave the house.


A Jellyfish
Using a white or clear umbrella, attach string, ribbons, or streamers around the top. Use the umbrella like you normally would and the fabric will look like you’re a jellyfish. Just don’t go in the rain.


Buy (or dye) a set of yellow leggings, a sweater, and a beanie. Thread some black pipe cleaners through the top of the beanie to make hair. Put on the yellow garments. Pair with a pair of jean overalls, black gloves and shoes, and a set of goggles. Voila: You’re ready to create some havoc. For extra fun, speak in gibberish the entire night.


A Pile of Leaves or a Bag of Leaves

All you need for these two ideas are a garbage bag, some leaves, and a lot of glue. For the bag of leaves, lay the bag down flat and cut holes for the arms and head. Then, glue on leaves on the top to make it look like it is overflowing. For the pile of leaves, instead of just putting leaves on the top, arrange them on the top, sides, and back to look like a pile. This is a great costume for tricking, instead of treating, since you’ll blend in so well with the environment.


Little Red Riding Hood
All you need for this one is a black dress, a red cape (or cloth, or sheet,) and a basket. Put on the dress, tie the cape around your neck, and grab the basket and you’re ready to go.


Spaghetti and Meatballs

This is a cute idea for a toddler. Take an old mop head and put it upside down on your kid’s head. It may help to glue it to a beanie to help it stay on. Then, dress your kid in red and glue brown “meatballs” and white “cheese” to the outfit. If the costume isn’t obvious, you can also throw a colander on top.



Put on a sport’s jersey and grab the ball of the appropriate type and you’re done. Easy peasy.


Take a white pair of pants and a white shirt and glue cotton balls all over it. To add a finishing touch, mix cold cream and glitter together and smear all over their face. For a snowman, continue as above, but glue the cotton balls in a large ball at the bottom, and a medium ball up to the neck. Glue three black buttons to the front, tie on a scarf, and finish with a top hat. If you’re feeling creative, make a carrot out of construction paper, too.


With these seven costume ideas, even the worst procrastinators will be ready for a fun night on October 31. Be safe and have fun!




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