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iE Parent of The Month-November

iE Parent of The Month

iE Parent of The Month-November

iE Parent of the Month: Megan Alfaro

Jessica Peralta

Family: Two boys, ages 2 and 6
Community: Jurupa Valley in Riverside County
How do you involve yourself in the community?
“We try to volunteer as much as we can via our children’s school as well as through the different sports our oldest plays. I also work locally, so we love attending all the community events.”

What is your job?

“My primary job is working as a sales manager for the Riverside Convention Center. My main market is our social events. I love helping families and soon-to-be brides find the perfect location to celebrate their special day.”

What are some of your best moments of being a parent?
“I love watching the boys’ faces when they experience something for the first time. It makes you feel like a child again.”

What wisdom have you gained from being a parent?
“Be in the now. Sometimes we get caught up in the demands of work and other outside things, that our family can be pushed by to the side, oftentimes not even realizing it.”

How have you changed since being a parent?
“Motherhood is probably the hardest ‘hood’ you could ever be part of… I have a new outlook on life and a new appreciation for my own mom.”

If there’s one thing you wish every parent would do, what would that be?
“Be kind to one another. Sadly, mom-shaming is a real thing.”

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