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Must Have Toys of 2018

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Must Have Toys of 2018

Boolean Girl Tech

TheBoolean Boxis a build-it-yourself computerkitthat encourages girls (and boys!) to code, build, invent and animate. It is designed to engage young minds in a way that makes learning fun and promotes the freedom to be creative and discover new concepts that can be used to solve real world problems.

Boolean Box addresses both coding and engineering, so girls can develop software and build electronics projects. Using only the parts within the Boolean Box, they can learn basic circuits, building quick-reaction games, a control panel for Minecraft, or even a game controller for games they’ve coded. With added components, they can build alarms, robots, motion detectors and more.

Age: 8 & Up
Available: Amazon

Price: $149.00


Augie is the first kids’ robot that supports augmented reality, coding, and construction play. Through coding, children can control the robot’s movements, make it pick things up, and even record their own funny sounds. Playtime with Augie also improves hand-eye coordination and logic through the introduction of play patterns that leverage artificial intelligence and innovative robotic technology.
Augie comes with a free intuitive app that offers engaging coding tutorials, all in conjunction with standards set by, and exciting gameplay. Users can play alone or in multi-payer mode where friends battle and design their own game.

Age: 8 & Up

Price: $199.00



Kidvelope’s Space Rescue: The first of many collaborative Kidvelope mission adventure games played offline and online, specifically designed to help kids build connections with family members (e.g. grandparents) who live far away. Kidvelope’s robust activity kits help kids and family members learn more about each other through hands-on creative activities, fun back and forth mailings, digital games, and phone conversation – kicking off a multimedia experience between the generations!  The more they do together, the more points they earn and prizes they win. Kidvelope combines the best of “old school” communication, creativity and humor with innovative digital elements that inspire imagination, self-expression, and thinking skills.

 Age: 6 & Up

Price: $21.95


Cool Chemistry Lab Set

Get fun color experiments underway! The Color Chemistry Set for children opens their eyes and their minds to STEAM learning, bringing together science, technology, engineering, art, and math through play. Page through the included instruction booklet for 50 colorful, easy-to-follow science activities developed by real Crayola scientists. Plus, there are enough Crayola supplies to complete 16 experiments right out of the box!

Age: 7 & Up
Available: Target & Walmart

Price: $19.99


Melissa & Doug Examine & Treat Pet Vet Set

 Give young animal lovers everything they need to examine and treat pretend pets! This toy was recognized by toy experts at the Good Housekeeping Institute for how it helps kids develop empathy. The 24-piece collection for aspiring veterinarians three and older comes with two adorable plush pets (a dog and a cat), and accessories galore, including a stethoscope, thermometer, syringe, ear scope, tweezers, and clamp. There are bottles, tubes, and tubs of pretend treatments and ointments, bandages and a cast for boo-boos, and even a neck “cone” to keep pets from licking! Everything, including a reusable examination checklist, stores in a handy tote bag, so little vets can make house calls!

 Age: 3 & Up
Available: Melissa & Doug

Price: $29.99


Poopsie Surprise Unicorn-Dazzle Darling

Poopsie Surprise Unicorn magically poops slime! Each time you feed your unicorn and sit her on her glitter potty, she creates surprises, collectible unicorn poop (slime)! Transform your unicorn poop over and over again with Unicorn Magic! Over 20 magic surprise included with each unicorn. Four unicorns to collect.

 Age: 6 & Up
Available: Walmart

Price: $89.99




 Pomsies are loveable, fashionable, interactive Pom Pom pets you can take anywhere. Each Pomsie has soft, cuddly fur and a tail that wraps around your wrist, hair, clothing and more! Pomsies will tell you when they feel tired, cold or hungry with adorable light up eyes, purring and cute sounds…only YOU can give them what they need. Take it to a new level with a special Freeze Dance Mode you can play with you and your friends!

 Age: 4 & Up
Available: Target

Price: $14.89


Hot Wheels Corkscrew Crash Track Set

 Boost their excitement with a powerful new twist on track play! Thrill young drivers with a motorized triple-loop trackset that amps up the stunting fun to head-spinning levels. Kids will love testing their skills as they fly cars around the track at dizzying speeds—and try to ace the corkscrew craziness without wiping out!

The unique corkscrew design keeps cars racing around the track at top speeds.The 3 high-speed boosters power cars through 3 outrageous loops.To increase the intensity, use the drop-in ramp to send more cars into the melee.Launch cars just right or they’ll wipe out in 1 of the 3 wild crash zones!

 Age: 5 & Up
Available: Mattel

Price: $49.99


Don’t Step In It

Be careful not to poop out while playing this hilarious game with messy consequences! Put on a blindfold, spin the spinner, and then take that many steps across the game mat. But watch out! Little piles of compound, molded in the shape of poop have been strategically placed on the mat. Sometimes players will have to add a poop, remove a poop, or even re-arrange the poops along the mat. Who can avoid the number twos to be number one to win?

 Age: 4 & Up
Available: Hasbro

Price: $19.99


Otterbox Google Mini Mickey Mouse Speaker Mount

Bring the fun of Disney to your living room with a playfully designed mount that’s secure, durable and made for easy interaction with Google Home Mini. Starting with the mouse that started it all, Disney fans can have a delightfully Disney time with Google Home Mini and Mickey Mouse.Compatibility: Google Home Mini

Age: 4 & Up
Available: Barns and Noble

Price: $19.95

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