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Celebrate New Years Eve with Your Kids


Celebrate New Years Eve with Your Kids

What do you think of when you think of New Year’s Eve? Do you think of evening gowns and glitter and a late night out with too much drinking? Do you think of an early night’s sleep with no celebration?

If you have kids, you’re likely not going to an extravagant, fancy party. But if you want to celebrate you’ll have to tweak the traditional celebration. Keep reading for kid-friendly New Year’s Eve ideas.

• Pajamas Required: Kids and adults will be extra comfy in their stretchiest, most wonderful clothing, and everyone will be ready for bed when that time comes.

• A New Rule Every Hour: Every hour, make a new rule. You could either stack the rules so that there are several to follow by the end of the night, or decide to only enforce one rule per hour. Do you need ideas? Try some of these: Every time someone says “new” they have to curtsy. Every time the doorbell rings, everyone in the house has to do a jumping jack (this one works best in the first hour). Every time a “2” shows on the clock, everyone has to do the chicken dance. You must say “cheers” before you take a drink of anything.

• Mad Libs Resolutions: Ahead of time, write a list of verbs and a list of nouns and separate them into two bowls (nouns in one, and verbs in another). When the time comes for this game, ask everyone to pick one of each. Post the following sentence for people to fill in and exclaim their silly resolutions: “This year, I want to ___ my ___.” You’ll end up with the silliest possibilities, like “This year, I want to jump my kitten,” and “This year, I want to exercise my area rugs.” If you don’t want to write your list ahead of time, you could have your guests drop nouns and verbs in themselves.

• Kisses for New Years: Fill a pinata with Hershey’s kisses and wax lips so everyone can end the night sweetly.

Don’t forget to put together some fun music for the night, and remember that the most important part of the evening is to have fun with your friends and family.

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