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iE Parent of the Month – January

iE Parent of The Month

iE Parent of the Month – January

Jessica Peralta

iE Parent of the Month: Sarah Komers

Founder of Mom Culture,

Family: Husband, three kids (Lily 11, Remington 8, Fletcher 5) and two pups (Gus and Grace)

Community: Temecula Valley

What inspired you to start Mom Culture? 

“My childhood dream was always to open a shop … I would take my mother’s old makeup boxes, jewelry boxes, basically whatever I could find to play shop with for hours on end. … I went on to become a hairdresser before becoming a mother, to fuel that creative side of me. I stopped doing hair before we had our third baby and I really missed that original part of me. … So after we had Fletcher, I started diving into sewing more and making my designs. I began selling my wares to fellow mom friends and gaining some traction to the point my husband suggested maybe I start a shop.” 

How has it evolved since 2013? 

“We started in 2013 as Wee Structed and sold mainly baby/kids items – headbands, bibs, leggings, moccasins and a few graphic tees – all inspired by my children and my season of motherhood. Our shop started to take a turn in 2014 when I shared a nap-time drawing and ‘meme’ of sorts titled ‘Raising Tiny Humans Is Exhausting,’ which went viral.” 

What are some of your favorite moments of being a parent?

“It’s all the little moments like when they first learn how to read, and you realize that you had a part in achieving this.”

What wisdom have you gained from being a parent?

“Being a parent is not as natural as you think it’s going to be. Nothing is more important than spending time with your kids. The housework can wait. … Enjoy the time with them, because it goes by way too fast.” 

If there’s one thing you wish every parent would do, what would that be? 

“Teach their children to be kind and tolerant. … It makes me so sad to see how many bullies are out there. Childhood isn’t easy – but it should be.” 

Any advice you offer for other moms out there wishing to become mompreneurs?

“Don’t underestimate the amount of work it really is to have both a business and family. The most important thing to do is just to start. The timing is never right, just go for it. Also, being original will get you much further – trust me on this tidbit.”

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