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Drudgery to Delight: 5 Tips to Transform Spring Cleaning into a Fun Family Activity


Drudgery to Delight: 5 Tips to Transform Spring Cleaning into a Fun Family Activity

From Drudgery to Delight: 5 Tips to Transform Spring Cleaning into a Fun Family Activity

Now that spring has arrived, you want to get the house into shape and you know that you can accomplish this project quicker with the help of your kids. However, they aren’t excited to pitch in. But don’t give up on gaining their cooperation just yet. The following tips will help you rally your children to enthusiastically participate in spring cleaning.

  1. Create a positive atmosphere. Your children will pick up on your attitude towards spring cleaning which will ultimately influence how they feel about it. If you give them the impression that spring cleaning is boring, they won’t be excited to help. Instead, set a positive tone. Talk to them about how nice it will feel to have a clean house and how everyone can have fun after their tasks have been completed.
  2. Assign an appropriate chore to each person. You will gain your children’s cooperation and enthusiasm more readily if you give them tasks that suit their interests and capabilities. For example, enlist your outdoorsy child to sweep the porch or back patio, and ask your neat-freak kid to help you organize shelves and drawers. Let your introvert work alone, while children who enjoy socializing could be paired up to do tasks together.
  3. Make it entertaining. Turn cleaning into a game. If you want to get all the windows in the house washed, give a small prize to whoever washes the most windows within a certain time period. Or, have a dance party while mopping and vacuuming the floor, putting on music and encouraging your kids to dance around while doing their tasks. Alternatively, find a podcast or an audiobook that your children will enjoy, and put it on the stereo for them to listen to as they complete their chores.
  4. Take Breaks. While you might be motivated to work for the entire day, your children probably won’t be, so take periodic breaks in order to maintain morale. For example, your kids could work for an hour  then take a break for fifteen minutes. Let them do fun things during the breaks, such as eat a snack, play outside, or read a book. But, be sure to tell them how long the break will last, and make it clear that they’ll be expected to help clean again once the break is over.
  5. Give Them a Reward. If your kids are particularly reluctant to help, or if your cleaning project will take a long time to complete, consider rewarding the entire family with a pizza dinner, movie, or a trip to the beach or amusement park after the project has been completed. You’ll also get to enjoy doing something fun to celebrate your hard work.

Spring cleaning doesn’t have to be a dull chore for your family. By creating an upbeat atmosphere, assigning chores that fit your kids’ interests and capabilities, making it entertaining, taking breaks, and rewarding hard work, you can turn spring cleaning into a positive and productive experience.

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