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Kids Obstacle Course-Prado Regional Park


Kids Obstacle Course-Prado Regional Park

By: April Aleman

This was a great way to get your kids outside, get active and have a whole lot of fun doing it! We were lucky enough to take our two older kids (as the race was age 6+) to Prado Regional Park yesterday in Chino to participate in the Kids Obstacle Course. If you got there early enough before your race there were lots of fun activities the kids could participate in. From a warm up course, picture opportunities, and a lot of other fun booths. The course itself was well run and each group ran in waves, keeping the obstacles uncrowded and comfortable. The race was about 2 miles and featured 12 fun obstacle challenges including: a water ball pit, a kid wash mister, swing, a-frame and wall climb, mud pit and slide, etc. Parents could run FREE alongside their child ensuring everyone’s comfort. The race ended with all children receiving a medal and coming in a winner regardless OF how fast or slow they ran (although for those who are truly competitive there were actual prizes to be won)! My kids LOVED it! They loved being forced to get dirty and enjoyed all the physical challenges. I know that this will be something we will look forward to doing in the future together as a family!!


Hi we are the Aleman Family from @SoCalFunFamily. We are a mom, a dad, and 4 young kids from Southern California who like to have fun!!! However, we also love a good deal. Which is why we created this account. We are always on the hunt for fun places to go together that everyone can enjoy! We love finding hidden gems, cool and interested things, and we love a good freebie. We wanted to make a page that anyone can look at for ideas that are actually doable for the family and give ideas of places to go or things to do right here in your own backyard. Check us out and give us ideas of some of your favorite places and deals.

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