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iE Parent of the Month: May

iE Parent of The Month

iE Parent of the Month: May

By Megan Feighery

iE Parent of the Month: Andi Albright
Family: Husband (Gregory Albright), two children (Lily Albright and Wesley Albright), and two rescue dogs (Ninja and Daisy)
Community: Wildomar, Riverside County

How long have you been volunteering at New Life Animal Sanctuary?

About four years. I give tours of the sanctuary with my son Wesley and my daughter Lily. They love it and are both very compassionate children. Wesley raises a lot of money for the sanctuary, he goes around and sells raffle tickets, and he is so proud of himself. It’s so cool to see.

Your whole family has transitioned into a vegan lifestyle, how did that happen?

Wesley was the first one to become interested in veganism. He had a friend who was vegetarian so he started asking a lot of questions about it, which made me ask a lot of questions about it, and eventually I was inspired to follow suit with Wesley. He is so passionate and committed to it. Then my husband and daughter decided to go vegan and even my parents decided to join in. It’s so neat to see the whole family get involved and really love it.

You are also a dancer and ballet instructor. How long have you been dancing?

Yes, I teach at The Ballet Studio in Murietta. I started dancing when I was three but stopped when I was a teenager and didn’t go back to it until I was an adult. Dancing has really become a family affair in our household. I started dancing agin when Wesley was 3 years old and I don’t think he even knew what ballet was, but he knew that I did it and he wanted to do it. My daughter is so incredibly passionate about ballet and even my husband participates! He was in the Nutcracker and Cinderella last year.

What are some of the biggest ways being a parent has changed you?

It taught me to go with the flow, be patient, and to appreciate each moment. Watching two humans grow has also taught me to appreciate time and not get caught up in the stresses of every day, which is so easy to do as a parent. But when you get caught up in stress the days fly by and you don’t appreciate all the time you do have. Slow down and appreciate even the difficult, challenging parenting moments.

What’s one piece of advice you wish you would’ve gotten before you became a parent?

To take deep breaths and appreciate the moment. When you do that, it helps you slow down and see things clearly. There are so many stressful parenting moments, but when you slow down you may recognize that it might not be as stressful as you thought it was and really it’s more beautiful- but slowing down is necessary to realize and appreciate that

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