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Mother’s Day Messages to Mom: Giveaway Winners Announced


Mother’s Day Messages to Mom: Giveaway Winners Announced

Mother’s Day Messages to Mom: Giveaway Winners Announced

Happy Mother’s Day
In honor of Mother’s Day, iE Parenting decided to round-up some amazing Inland Empire mom-preneurs to celebrate the day with some spectacular goodies for two loving moms. And we asked our audience to write-in about their mamas and what makes them so special. We loved hearing all the kind messages that were shared and to see what an impact moms have in our lives. While every mama deserves an award, we could only pick two winning mamas for this contest. Read below about the wonderful things your kiddos, husbands, partners, and friends said about you!  We are honored to congratulate mamas
Frances Gonzales and Caroline Siegel

Mother’ name: Frances Gonzales
Nominated by:Anthony Gallegos

My Mama is beautiful my Mama is sweet, she is always there for me and the whole family. One call away or an ask for help, she will always be there with much love felt. My Mama has a crazy laugh and a beautiful smile, every moment with the family she makes it worthwhile. Strong and dedicated she goes after what she wants, and its family first that’s what I was taught. Not spending on herself hardly ever, money is limited but we as a family are blessed with our Mama and that will be forever. Loving and encouraging that’s the name of her game, she just wants all four of her children to succeed because nothings to far from what we can attain. I learned from my Mama in many positive ways, such as being humble being thankful for what you got and not being upset because you didn’t get what you want. Mama always reminded the family that we are blessed, we at most got a roof above our heads, shoes on our feet, and a meal to eat. My Mama taught my siblings and I all this since we were young, but it will last forever because this is the right way and there’s nothing better. My Mama is an Angel I thank her for everything, there is nothing I’ll ever want to change I love her and my whole family.

Sincerely, your son Anthony.

Mother’s name: Frances Gonzales
Nominated by: Arianna Gallegos

My mom is the most selfless, kind, caring, & loving person. She always puts everyone before herself. She always makes sure everyone has ate & well taken care of before she sits down. She is my best friend, my biggest supporter & helps me so much with my daughter.

Mother’s name: Frances Gonzales
Nominated by: Serina Gallegos

I Serina Gallegos is nominating my mother to try and win the contest. My mother Frances Gonzales is an amazing mother shes strong, kind, beautiful, loving, has a big heart, always willing to help people when they need help, courageous, outstanding. Those are just a few things. Shes very hardworking, shes always making sure that my siblings and I are tooken care of. She just recently helped put me through college even though money wasn’t quite financially there. But she always makes a way for her children. My mother just recently lost her closest older sister. They were so close to each other thats who she went to when she needed someone to talk to and so much more. Not only that my tia (my moms sister) was far away she lived in TN. So it has been a very very heartbreaking and stressful past month having to lay my tia at peace to raising money and all for the expenses. But we did it by the grace of god & laid tia to rest. Mother’s day is coming up and I know she’s gonna be so heartbroken because her sister physically isnt here and 2 days after Mothers Day is her sisters 43rd birthday. But by hopefully trying to win this gift you guys are giving us the opportunity to win that she would have a beautiful amazing time enjoying herself and be able to relax her mind & have time all to herself. Thank you for this opportunity to enter the contest.

 Mother’ name: Caroline Siegel
Nominated by: Lilly Spencer

My name is Lilly and my mum is the most supportive and loving mum ever! To begin, she moved countries for me to follow my dream of acting and singing…She has worked so hard every day to get us into our own place, struggling week to week. Even though she struggles she still manages to surprise me with gifts and giving me a childhood to remember. She has gone through so much like having a huge car accident that has left her injured for life… My mum is a preschool teacher and always works hard and hasn’t had a holiday. She always takes care of me and I want to be able to win this competition as a thank you for being such an amazing wonderful mum. Thank you mum!


Mother’s name: Carrie Kleckner
Nominated by:  Chase Kleckner

My mom loves us more than anything & does so much for us. She has put me & my 3 brothers 1st for 26 years. So many baseball games, daily rowing practice, school, homeschooling & non-stop adventures. Me & my three brothers have been given the best mom. My mom has tried so hard to help us to become good humans. To be reliable. To be loyal. To be honest. To have common sense. To have common courtesy. That matters so much to her.

Mother’s name: Lisa Castillo
Nominated by: Lisa Perez

My mom is such an amazing person, she has a big heart and is always putting everyone before herself. She is a hardworking teacher who inspires her students. She is the best Nana to her grandkids. She deserves to be recognized and pampered for all she does.

Mother’ name: Marcie Ambrose
Nominated by: Xandrea Garay

My mother not only takes care of our family but she always gives back to the community as well. My mother was a single mother who raised myself and my two brothers she worked full time. She always made sure to show us to love god, respect others and always give back to the community. My mother continues to give to the community through various nonprofits and church. She is a pillar in the community. I would love for her to be spoiled for Mother’s Day.

Mother’ name: Martha Lopez
Nominated by: Silvia Segura

I’m nominating my mother Martha Lopez for this contest. At the age of 9 years old she lost her mother and she helped take over by dropping out of school in the 4th grade and helping her family in every way she could. My mom has been a mother to her 6 other siblings. When she got married with my father they immigrated to this country for a better future for our family. She had us and did everything she could to help us in school. She walked with me the first day of school to the door of all my classrooms even in community college and to UC Berkeley. She’s given 100 percent of herself without asking for anything in return. I love my mother.

Mother’ name: Jennifer Abdel moneim
Nominated by: Hassan Abdel moneim

Jennifer is the best mom I know! She has embraced every aspect of child rearing and nurturing to insure our little boy Ayden gets the most out of these precious years. She focuses on fun and development for him and showers him with love and care.
She gets an a+ in child rearing!!

Mother’s name:  Kathleen Magat
Nominated by:  Jame Magat

I would like to nominate my wife Kathleen. She has been a NICU nurse for 7 years and has taken care of numerous babies while the little ones are in the most fragile state. I admire the care and compassion she provides to these babies as if they were her own. She wanted to make sure the mommies of the babies she is taken care of have a piece of mind that someone is really taking care of their precious ones. She is like a second mommy to the NICU babies while under her care. She is also a great mommy to our son Jace. Even after a hard day work she finds time to teach, play and pray with Jace every night. Thank you and God Bless.

Mother’s name: Elena Romero

Nominated by: Jose Barriga

Elena is an amazing mother! She has two children and also helps out her husband. She does everything she can for her two daughters. She gets up at at 3am to make sure her husband is up for work, then she goes to work at 6, and always makes sure she leaves what her daughters need to get ready for school. She always puts her daughters first, she rather buy them what they want/need instead of treating herself when she can. She works her hardest to keep the family happy and safe with a roof over their head. She makes her daughters feel comfortable so they tell her everything, even things other children wouldn’t talk to their moms about. She makes sure everyone is healthy and makes the most amazing meals. She takes time to spend with her family and make memories. She always makes her children feel loved and would do anything for her family. She loves her children unconditionally, accepts them for who they are, tries to cheer them up when they feel down, makes a lot of sacrifices, guides her children, offers a shoulder to cry on, listens to her children when they just need someone to talk to, trys to understand her children even when they are being difficult, defend her children, laughs at her children’s jokes, teaches her children right and wrong, knows her children inside out, gives the children good advice. She is their best friend and always is there for them.

Mother’s name: Heather Rafle
Nominated by: Sophie Rafle

I love my mom because she packs my backpack everyday-and my lunch. I’m involved in my school’s Eco Club and my mom helps with our recycling every week. She doesn’t mind getting dirty for a good cause and always volunteers to help us out.
She’s always thinking about me and surprising me with little gifts or sweet notes. When I’m not feeling good she helps me get better and when I’m sad she tries to make me laugh and smile. Her jokes aren’t the best but she tries.
She teaches me to do stuff like handstands and baking banana muffins. I love my mom so much because she’s the best mom in the whole world.

Mother’s name: Kylie Fua

Nominated by: Tara Miller

Kylie is a dream mama. Last summer her son, my grandson, was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. We almost lost him. He was in Lima Linda Pediatric ICU for three days. Her strength that she has shown, the pressure she has been under. She is an amazing mama to our little guy. Everyday is a challenge for her and she get through it. I can’t even begin to tell you how amazing she is. Please consider her. I’m posting a picture of her and our little guy.

Mother’s name: Kylie Fua
Nominated by:  Phylicia Herrera
The mom I’m nominating for this, is actually my best friend Kylie. She was blessed with an amazing little boy who turns 2 this month, but as a family they have been facing many scary obstacles. Just two months after his 1st birthday he went into ketoacidosis and they almost lost their little guy. This is when they learned he had Type 1 Diabetes. Ever since then, their lives have been turned upside down trying to help Rowen through this new path. Having this happen, has caused some possible other issues for Rowen developing as well. On top of dealing with these constant struggles, she’s also living in a new state where she has no family or friends to lean on. All of this is extremely stressful for any mother, but through it all she has kept a positive and uplifting attitude and is working very hard to make sure Rowen feels like any other kid. I just hope that this nomination can lead to a “win” for her, because she truly deserves it.

Mother’s name: Kylie Fua
Nominated by: David Opel
Kylie is one of the most amazing mothers I know. Her son was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes right around his first birthday, and as a result is currently nonverbal. Rather than feel sorry for herself and her family’s new life she used this as an opportunity to become an advocate for type 1 diabetes, raising money for charity and trying to help reduce insulin costs via government policy. Like most mothers she is always putting her son first, but more so because of the medical necessity to do so. I’m hoping if she wins this she’ll be allowed a least a brief time to relax.

Mother’ name: Christina Vasquez

Nominated by: Matthew Vasquez

I nominated my wife Christina for your contest, because she has been the greatest mother to our son I could have ever asked for. I work in law enforcement, and every 4 months my schedule changes from weekends off to weekends on, from working days to working graves. My wife has had to adjust to me not being there to help in the morning and at night, with a now 4 year-old. She’s been doing this for 2 years, and has never complained, has done so with grace, and has continued to teach and love our son with so much patience. I owe her so much more than I can give her, and hopefully if she gets selected, or can be a start. Seeing how great she is at being a mother to our son, makes me love her more every day.

Mother’ name: Kristina Bowles
Nominated by: Ashley Anker

My dear friend, Kristina, is one of the most selfless mothers I know. Her daughter, Jane, was born a Micro preemie weighing only 1lb 8oz at 23 weeks gestation. Kristina was at Jane’s bedside every single day, fighting for her, pumping milk for her and researching everything she could to make sure Jane was receiving the absolute best care. Kristina exhibited amazing strength during Jane’s time in the NICU and she continues to advocate on Jane’s behalf to ensure Jane continues to thrive. I’ve learned so much from Kristina about the hardships of being a NICU mom as well as the sacrifices made afterward to help Jane reach the milestones that don’t always come easily. I admire her strength and selflessness as she truly lives every day putting her daughter’s needs above her own. I’m proud to call her “friend”, thankful for the perspective she’s given me as a mother and blessed to see the positive impact she’s had on others. Happy Mother’s day, friend!

Mother’ name: Laura Leyvas
Nominated by:  Jacey Leyvas

My mom not only does gift her kids, but for all she knows. She has completely committed her life to making sure we are taken care of. She brings us lunch every day at school and always has an extra meal, In case someone doesn’t have food. She comes to every game with snacks and water for all, she always packs extra clothes in her car In case any girl forgets socks or cleats or softball pants. She goes and ask for donations all day so our high school program can thrive. The girls on our travel and high school team gave her number so if they need or forget something she gets it there anyway she can. She goes without so we can have the best, I think she stills wears shirts and shoes that she’s had for years. Whenever she gets a gift card it is always spent on us. My mom doesn’t judge anyone, she kills people with kindness, even if another mom doesn’t care for my mom, it doesn’t bother her, she still helps them out if she finds out they are in need. When she finds out someone is in need she searches for help till she finds it. Don’t get me wrong she can drive me completely crazy, but me and my siblings wouldn’t have it any other way.

Mother’ name: Caitlyn Mistretta
Nominated by: Brandon Mistretta

Her name is Caitlyn Mistretta. She quit her full-time job to raise her son and be with him 24/7. She is not selfish. She rarely does anything for herself. In the year and a half of being a mom she has went threw 13 months of breastfeeding and all the ups and downs of that, a 10 day stay in the hospital do to mastitis, taking care of the house and her son with little help. She never asks for any help or anything for herself because she believes her son and husband come first.

Mother’s name: Melinda Armas
Nominated by:  Christina Garcia

My mom is the most selfless person I know and always puts herself before others. She cares for her I’ll husband and handicap sister who drain all her energy from her but she loves them and would not change fir the world. She has 5 kids and 8 grandchildren and there is not a day that goes by in her busy schedule that she ever gets a break. She never gets to get pampered or take time for herself so i am nominating her into this contest. I know there are so many moms that might enter this contest but my mom deserves the world because ahe gives the world out with her time selflessness and caring soul!!!

Mother’s name: Chrystal Foster

Nominated by:  Quinn Foster

She is always there for us. She works, she does fun Fridays for our classes, does P.T.A, and is at every game or practice we have. She does so much for everyone else and never asks for anything return. She is the best mom ever.

Mother’s name: Reina Gomez

Nominated by:   Rihanna Catalan

She is wonderful for always texting me in the mornings to say good. morning even though I’m 33 she still runs my back also love her so much

Mother’ name: Vanessa Byrd-walker
Nominated by: Vanessa Byrd-walker

I am submitting this application on behalf of myself I am a 32 year old wife mom boss babe! I have 3 Beautiful children ages 10, 4 and 18 mon I’m also co-founder or 4theloveofcurls where we host natural hair and Community building events here in the Inland empire I wanted to enter this contest because this year I have decided to show myself as much love as possible don’t get me wrong my husband and kids are wonderful and I love them dearly but this year I wanted to focus more on how I care for myself and to never forget to do so I want to always be the best Vanessa possible being a working mom is not easy…
XOXO Vanessa

Mother’s name: Rebekah Watterson
Nominated by: Rebekah Watterson

Mom of 5 kids who spends every waking and non-waking moment for them. Always finding ways to serve and teach to love all. Makes efforts for each kid to feel special. Rarely does/has time for makeup let alone treating herself any other way. She’s ridiculously sweet and kind! Very deserving woman of empowerment!

Mother’s Name: Katherine Orozco
Nominated by: Katherine Orozco

I am nominating myself. I am a mother to an almost 2 year-old little girl. My hands are full with her as I am a stay at home mom. Which means NO TIME FOR MYSELF! I would love to enjoy a spa day alone without a child. Since she’s been born it’s just been the two of us. My husband is always working out of town so I get no help or no time alone with him. This would be perfect for myself and to share a little with him. Lol

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