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The Great Y Circus


The Great Y Circus

The Great Y Circus

 By April Aleman

I didn’t really know quite what to expect when I heard about The Great
Y Circus: A Moment in Wunderland. The typical pictures came to mind of
clowns, elephants and tightrope walkers with a ring leader. But this
circus was a little different. The best way to describe it would be
the future of the circus. I would guess the next Barnum or Bailey
would be participating in The Great Y Circus since it was founded by a
former Ringling Brothers performer. And it was pretty cool to see.

The fact that this has been a tradition since 1929 should give an idea
of how beloved and well run it is. In fact, it is arguably the oldest
community circus in the world. This is the place to be for children,
ages 3 and up, to learn basic skills such as tumbling, unicycling,
aerial, and so much more.

My family went and my kids were thrilled to see children just like
themselves walking tightropes, riding bicycles (along with 6 other
kids on the same bike!), dangling from the ceiling, standing on 20 ft
tall poles, and so much more. There were toddlers heading the show at
one point, followed by incredible jugglers and acrobatic acts by older
teenagers in the next. The music and lights that accompanied were just
as fantastic and added a wonderful atmosphere and effect that created
an ambiance of fun and magic.

I was astounded to know that the performers learned and practiced all
their routines right there at the YMCA in Redlands in just 10 short
months. I can only imagine that many have done this for years and
years because they had really honed their skills and were incredible.

And what a wonderful program the YMCA has put on. While it was a
community production, I would recommend it to anyone! And if you have
a child interested in performing, there is an act just for them; and
what a recital it is! My kids were begging to participate by the end.

For more information or to register for classes go to:

April Aleman is an iE Parenting Mommy Insider and run

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