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Local: Sweet Beginnings for Brandini’s Toffee

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Local: Sweet Beginnings for Brandini’s Toffee

By Megan Feighery

You have a really interesting back story, tell us how Brandini’s Toffee got started?

In 2006 my good friend Leah Post and I wanted to go on a Sophomore class trip to Italy. Our parents (whom are also good friends) committed to helping pay for the trip assuming we could earn half the funds ourselves. Years prior a family friend taught me how to make almond toffee from home. At that time I had no clue what toffee was and blown away that one could create such an incredible texture/flavor by simply stirring butter and sugar over the stove. The recipe evolved over time and I began to gift it to friends and family often. The objective to go to Italy made for the ideal opportunity for us to start selling this almond toffee. With a few hundred dollars for supplies and a website, we were off! Most sales were solicited online and at local street fairs. Within a few months we paid off our entire trip and quickly realized that Brandini has the potential to be much more than just a school fundraiser. It has been 12 years since inception and while we’ve expanded many times over, we stay humbled and energized by the fact that we have a long ways to grow.

What are some of your best selling items?

Our core product is still almond toffee but to our surprise toffee popcorn has grown to be almost half of our production volume. Our retail locations also thrive with a menu of toffee based ice cream products. Similar to Innout Burger we keep our menu simple and strive to be your favorite within our category.

What have been some of the highlights of your career?

While this list could be robust, some of my most rewarding moments are seeing someone try our products for their first time. It is hard to describe how joyous the near life changing reaction one often has, I promise this is no exaggeration.

Where do you see Brandini’s Toffee in 5 to 10 years?

Expanding our retail model is our focus moving forward. We have 3 stores in the greater Palm Springs area and we’re currently working on our 1st out of town. While timeline is hard to predict, I hope to be able to replicate what we have created here in our hometown throughout California. If that works then I don’t see why we would stop there. No matter how far we grow I hope to see us continue to stay rooted as a family business that thrives on human connection.

Do you have a business motto that you follow?

This depends on the day but the quote by Danny Meyer, “The courage to grow requires the courage to let go” tends to be a universal motivator.

Do you give tours of Brandini’s Toffee?
Yes, frequency depends on the season and all tours take place at our facility of Rancho Mirage.

What sets you apart from other candy shops?
Our product quality, culture, and story blend to create a strong tie with those who connect with us. Whether an employee, customer, supplier, etc. we want this person to feel part of the Brandini Family and invested in our journey.

Anything else you would our readers to know?
Look us up on Google, plenty of good stories and laughs there.

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