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Local: New Life Animal Sanctuary

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Local: New Life Animal Sanctuary

Megan Feighery

New Life Sanctuary is like no other place in the Inland Empire, tucked away in Lake Elsinore. Founder Gina Lynn has made it her life’s mission to help animals in need and her sanctuary houses pigs, chickens, donkeys, cats, cows, goats, sheep, dogs, llamas, and even rats and mice just to name a few. Check out their social media for more information on the importance of buying cruelty-free products as well as annual events, tours, and volunteer opportunities for the whole family. Their annual family friendly “Let Freedom Ring” is coming up soon and you definitely won’t want to miss it!


What is New Life Sanctuary?

Is primarily focused on rescuing animals retired from laboratories and rehabilitating them and showing them that all humans aren’t bad and that love can be good and gaining their trust is one of the greatest things ever. We’ve been operating for almost seven years now and I just love it.

Is there one animal in particular that stands out to you?

Rebecca and Jane. They were two dogs rescued from a laboratory. I’m a dog person and a dog is supposed to be mans best friend, yet we do these horrible things to them in labs. They were terrified of their own shadow when they got here and I worked with them for over two years to gain their trust. Now we have such an incredible bond but it took a long time to get here. It melts my heart every day just thinking about it.

Are any of your animals up for adoption?

Yes, we rescue hundreds of rats and mice from labs every year and they are all up for adoption. Rats and mice can make really wonderful pets for kids, the ones that were rescued from labs require a little more work but once they get into a home they tend to just thrive. Once they’re in a home and they form that bond with a person they are so loving and sweet. They can make great first pets for children.

Tell us about your annual summer event?

It’s called “Let Freedom Ring” and it’s the celebration of when we rescued our pigs. It’s a really fun family event and we have food, a bounce house, a waterslide, live entertainment, we had a dunk tank one year. This year we are going to have karaoke!And the highlight of the event is we have a watermelon smashing event. We smash a ton of watermelons for the pigs to eat and they just go crazy for it, it’s so much fun.

What are some of your goals for the future?

It’s always been my goal to reach kids. We want to have a treehouse for them to play in and give them a fun space to come and meet and interact with animals they might not normally interact with. We had a local Girl Scout troop that came for a tour and they were so inspired by what they learned that they launched their own campaign called Change the Fate to educate their friends and family about buying cruelty-free products. It blew me away. Kids really are the future.

Learn more about the Let Freedom Ring Event

Social: Facebook/Instagram @NewLifeAnimalSanctuary, Twitter @LifeAfterLabs

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