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Inexpensive End-of-the-Summer Ideas for Families


Inexpensive End-of-the-Summer Ideas for Families

As the summer nears its end, families everywhere begin to wish that they had more time before school starts. Unfortunately, summer vacation can only last so long. If you want to try and squeeze in one more fun trip before the end of the summer, but don’t have a lot of cash to spend, consider an inexpensive road trip or camping adventure. It’s a great way to travel with the family without breaking the bank, and you’ll make some unforgettable memories along the way.

Road Trip on the Cheap

If money is tight, a road trip could fit your budget as well as your idea of fun. Road trips are one of the most flexible options available for traveling since you can change your itinerary at any time without worrying about canceling a long hotel stay.

Of course, you do need to plan some aspects of your trip before you set out, and make sure to factor the travel time for your return trip home into the itinerary. Pick a spot that everyone in the family is interested in seeing as your first destination, such as an amusement park, historic monument, or museum. On the return trip, why not explore and make a few unplanned stops along the way? Depending on your time constraints and the number of places to visit, you might want to stay overnight or book a room for a couple of nights. Check online to find some local carnivals or festivals to enjoy along the way for the ultimate road trip experience.

Inexpensive Campground Fun

Even if you don’t have a tent or camper, your family can still enjoy the delights of staying in a campground and most sights offer a cabin or two for rent at affordable prices. Once you are staying at the campground, you have access to a lot of free activities, including bicycling, volleyball, swimming, and singing around the campfire. Depending on the campground you choose, fishing, hay rides, and miniature golf might also be available for a small fee. If you stay in the campground on the weekend, you might even get to attend a camp dance or bingo night.

Local Staycation

As the days of summer tick by, you may find yourself hoping to squeeze in one more family vacation before the kids go back to school. Well, here’s some excellent news: iE residents are a hop, skip and jump away from many family-friendly destination spots. Since school is almost in session, it’s nice to stay local for your last summer hoorah.

Embrace the summer heat with a trip to Palm Springs, enjoying the modern architectural design elements and cultural scene. The first people to settle in Palm Springs were the Cahuilla Native Americans about 2,000 years ago. The city’s name comes from early Spanish explorers who referred to the area as La Palma de Mano de Dios, or The Palm of God’s Hand. In 1853, the name Palm Springs was coined and mapped.


Summer vacations don’t have to be expensive, so if you find yourself with some extra vacation days, but not a lot of money, consider taking the family on a short road trip or camping adventure. Both of these experiences offer casual, affordable fun and can be tailored so that there’s something for everyone in your family to enjoy. Summer might be ending soon, but fun is just around the corner and a drive away.


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