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Tips to Get Ready for School


Tips to Get Ready for School

Going back to school can be hard for many children and teenagers as most have gotten used to doing whatever they wanted to all summer long. They become so accustomed to sleeping in and going to bed late that getting ready to go back to school can be a wake-up call for them.  To help make the transition seamless here are some tips to get your children ready.

The best way to get your children ready for school is to read to or with them every day.
It is a known fact that children often slide backward with their reading over the summer. This is often because no one is taking the time to make reading a priority. Make it a priority to keep your children reading all summer long so school won’t be as big of a shock in August or September. Check out your local library to see if they offer summer reading programs and maybe even borrow a few books for yourself while you’re at it.

Go shopping. Make it exciting to go back to school with a shopping trip. Gather a list of items that your child needs but consider throwing in some “fun” items to sweeten the deal. You may also want to buy them a new book bag and lunch box to get them geared up for the academic year.

Start getting them back on a good sleep schedule several weeks in advance.Your children are going to have to start getting up much earlier than they are used to, so it’s best to start putting them back on a school schedule before the end of summer. This should be done at least two weeks prior to school so that it isn’t so hard to get them up on the first few weeks of school! They may not like it but it may just save your sanity come fall.

It may also help to talk about school for a few weeks before it happens. Younger children are often anxious about school so it might help to talk to them about how they feel. Get them ready to go back by telling them about their teachers, what they can expect to happen at school, and asking them what they’re excited for. Remind them about the friends they made last year and get them to tell you about their favorite school memories.

Get ready to pack lunches. If you are planning on packing your children’s lunches, you are going to need to stock up on supplies. Look up some healthy, kid-approved lunch ideas online for inspiration and create a meal plan for the week to avoid scrambling at the last minute. Pre-chopped fruits and veggies can help save time and whipping up a big batch of your kids favorite recipe at the start of the week will help make lunch packing a breeze.

To make mornings go smoother, it is better to get everything ready in the evening. Pack lunches when you are fixing dinner at night and have all of your children set out their clothes the night before so all they have to do in the morning is get dressed.

It may also help to have breakfast ready to go. Find make-ahead recipes online, or consider investing in a slow cooker, so all you have to do is reheat, enjoy, and send them on their way. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and sending your kiddos to school with a healthy, delicious breakfast in their stomachs will give them a head start academically.  

Going back to school can be a big change for both children and parents. Kids are often scared and anxious prior to school starting so making the transition as easy and painless as possible will benefit everyone in the family. Getting them excited with a shopping trip, keeping the lines of communication open about the upcoming school year, and meal prepping to make the mornings less hectic can all help you start the back-to-school season in style.


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