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Benefits of Homeschooling


Benefits of Homeschooling

By Susan M. Keenan 

Homeschooling, one of the current trends in alternative educational experiences, has a lot of positive aspects associated with it and the number of families who choose to make homeschooling part of their family’s educational experience continues to grow each year. But is it right for your children? Evaluating the pros of homeschooling can help you make an educated decision and determine whether this is the best form of schooling for your child.

One-on-One Attention and Learning
One of the most important aspects of homeschooling is the ability to provide one-on-one learning experiences and individualized attention. Several studies have shown that individualized learning opportunities promote learning for students at all levels including advanced, average, and special needs.

Educational Freedom
Another pro of homeschooling is educational freedom that comes with it. Homeschooling allows parents the opportunity to select their child’s curriculum and tailor it to their needs. In addition to focusing on their weaknesses in order to build the knowledge necessary to foster growth, parents can provide curriculum that taps into their child’s strengths with unique opportunities to explore advanced topics.

An additional pro of homeschooling is flexibility. Homeschooling facilitates flexibility not only in the number of hours that are spent teaching and learning, but also in the scheduling of these hours. Parents and children can decide what time of day or night best suits their needs.

Family Closeness
One of the pros of homeschooling is family closeness. Since family time increases in quantity through homeschooling, family closeness and bonding may increase as well. The number of hours spent together during homeschooling can facilitate the sharing of family values and morals, potentially strengthening family bonds even more.  

Homeschooling also allows an increased focus on lessons. Due to the fact that the number of students is limited, the focus can remain strictly on learning. At home, vying for the teacher’s attention amid classroom disruption is no longer an issue which could potentially increase the quality of learning. 

Safety in schools is a big issue today. Many parents are concerned about the apparent decrease in the safety of children who attend public schools and homeschooling can offer the opportunity for parents to be responsible as well as vigilant about their child’s safety during schooling. 

 Religious Values
Homeschooling may have ultimately risen in popularity due to a desire to maintain religious values and learning opportunities. Although the reasons behind the current move for homeschooling have swayed somewhat from this original concept, the freedom to incorporate curriculum based on religious values remains one of the pros that make homeschooling so popular today. Homeschooling allows parents to have the opportunity to teach their children the morals that align with their own belief system.


Homeschooling has a number of positive aspects surrounding it and each of the above factors provides their own merit to the homeschooling learning experience. It is a big decision to make, and is certainly not right for everyone, so careful consideration is required to make the best decision for you and your children. 


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