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Think Inside the Box


Think Inside the Box

Inland Empire parents are about one month into the school year, and the novelty of new clothes and fresh back-to-school accessories have officially worn off. Now that washing clothes, packing lunches, and homework routines are in motion, don’t let your kid’s meal fall off at the wayside. We are bringing you some fun and easy lunch ideas and afterschool snacks. We even made you a downloadable template guide to mix and match your kids’ lunches.

Something that makes lunches a lot easier to eat is to use a bento-style lunchbox to pack your kid’s food. Lunch doesn’t have to be a fancy, complicated affair- just a box with a few different compartments or containers of delicious snacks and food will do.

Here are our top three unique, easy ideas for your child’s lunch box.

TLT: A spin on the BLT use Turkey Bacon as a quick and easy alternative. Most turkey bacon is already precooked, so you just have to crisp a little.

Turkey Bacon

Crab Salad: This quick and easy lunch can be prepared the night before, and it is still tasty the next day.

Imitation Crab
Diced tomato
Diced Cucumber

Cucumbers & Cream Cheese Sandwich: This sandwich is a twist on a classic teahouse sandwich. It’s simple and easy.

Cream Cheese & Chives (mixed)
Mini Bagel

Try a few new items that are now out on the market. Peatos are a healthy alternative to chips, made with real cheese and sustainable peas and lentils. You can rest assured that this snack is made with non-GMO ingredients, no artificial flavors, no synthetic colors, and no added MSG. Also, try Honest Kids juice pouches for an easy packable drink with only 9g of sugar per 6.75 fl. oz. pouch. This drink is sweetened only with fruit juice and has no high fructose corn syrup. And we love the Once Upon a Farm organic cold-pressed fruit and veggie blends- as the name suggests, they have a healthy blend of real fruit and veggies in each package.


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