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iE Parent of The Month-September

iE Parent of The Month

iE Parent of The Month-September

iE Parenting- Taylor Cole

Inland Empire Community: Riverside/Rancho Cucamonga 

Family: My lovely wife Sarah, my daughter Tessa (7), my wife’s daughters Zoe (8) and Juno (7), and Slurpee the Base-Jumping Dog (14)  

Social Media:
Facebook: @BurbleCreativity
Instagram: @BurbleCreativity

Taylor Cole is on a mission to revolutionize storytelling. AvA was created as a way for families to spend quality time together connecting through storytelling, while simultaneously encouraging your child’s cognitive abilities and imagination. Read iE Parenting’s interview with this creative, adrenaline junkie father of three below to find out more.  


In 50 words or less, give us a short biography of yourself.

I’m Taylor Cole, chief technology officer at the U.S. Naval Sea Warfare Center Corona Division in Norco, California. I’m an avid skydiver, base jumper and above all else – a dad. It’s these two loves that inspired me to develop a tool that revolutionizes family time and imagination.


What is AvA?

I was inspired to create AvA to revolutionize storytelling, therapy options and create fun, meaningful ways for parents and children to connect. AvA is a children’s camping tent that’s been decked out with lights and sound to create a multi-sensory experience that encourages imagination and problem-solving skills. It’s used in tandem with a mobile app, which contains a library of stories that teach important life lessons like patience, humility and courage. 


How did you become involved in AvA?

It’s no secret that technology has huge and lasting impacts on our lives. But what a lot of people don’t think about is how technology affects our imagination. Often we’re bogged down with so much information, that we don’t have the freedom and space to let our imaginations wonder on their own.  

How was AvA first created? 

Any entrepreneur knows how crafty you have to get building out the first prototypes to bring an awesome idea to life. Funny enough, my daughter Tessa and I actually built the first AvA prototype using PVC pipe in the parking lot of Home Depot, laughing and dancing to the band Aerosmith. This prototype eventually took a library tour across Riverside.


How have you seen AvA personally affect your own family?

The power of storytelling is truly incredible. I created AvA to foster a special bond with my daughter Tessa and Sarah’s kids Zoe and Juno, and now we have so many memories in the Burble lab and at home reading together. 

When the kids use AvA, they come alive and I love hearing the wildly out-of-the-box things they picture when we read stories together for hours on end. I even proposed to my wife via story!


Why is storytelling important to you and for your family? 

As parents, we need to foster environments that encourage creative thinking and problem solving. AvA is a safe place that allows our kids to express even the most “out there” ideas, without fear of judgment and with the encouragement that anything is possible.  

What are your future plans? 

On the horizon, I’ll continue to develop and grow AvA into its

 fullest potential, with the product one day becoming available to consumers everywhere. Looking into the near future, our team is so excited to launch AvA on Kickstarter on August 14, 2019. This will be a very big moment to gain the support we need to start officially manufacturing AvA and bring AvA into homes and classrooms across the nation. 


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