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iE Parent of The Month-October

iE Parent of The Month

iE Parent of The Month-October

Name: Austin Sherbanenko
Community: Pioneertown
Family: Karli,  Eko and Bardak the cat
Social Media: @aximal 

Austin Sherbaneko, also known by his stage name Aximal, is a husband, father, business owner, DJ, and healer. Deep in the high desert, Austin and his wife run INDIGOTOPIA, a one of a kind retreat with spectacular views of the Sawtooth Mountain range. Learn more about Austin in iE Parenting’s exclusive Q&A below.

Q: Could you give us a short biography of yourself?

A: I was raised to be a hard working, self-starter. In 2017, I gravitated to the high desert where I found my calling as a Shamanic practitioner, Crystal Singing Bowl Soundbath Master, and Jikiden Reiki Practitioner. My wife and I built a special home and retreat space, INDIGOTOPIA, in Joshua Tree, CA where I host and guide transformative retreats and sound baths on a weekly basis.


Q: You are a Crystal Singing Bowl Soundbath Master and Jikiden Reiki Practitioner, can you explain what that is and how long you have been doing it?

A: A Crystal Singing Bowl Sound Bath harnesses the reverberating sounds and vibrations of crystal bowls of many shapes and sizes and tones to lull you into a peaceful and mindful state of being. I have been doing sound healing for about 3 years now. Reiki is a Japanese word meaning universal life energy. This energy is the natural, vital healing force found in all life. It’s a type of therapy for improving the body, physical, and mind, psychological, in a very natural way.


Q: What have been some of the highlights of your career?  

A: Definitely playing Lightning In a Bottle festival this last spring- that was epic! I created a sound healing experience called “5th Dimension sound”. It’s a hybrid of live singing bowls layered with other live instruments and electronic music.

How have the above practices impacted you as a father and husband? 

A: It has given me a lot of time to sit in a meditative state of mind and reflect on my family and my future…to really work on my manifestations. It gives a lot of time for self-reflection as well.


Q: What was the most surprising thing about becoming a parent? 

A: How they just fit right into your life. Eko just makes everything more fun! Sure, she has her moments, but it’s all a part of the developmental process. I think it’s more of a mindset as well. Our thoughts shape our own reality, and whatever we project out into the the universe is what comes back to us.

Q: What is one piece of advice you wish you could give to other parents? 

A: To always remember that parenting is like marriage- it always has to come with forgiveness for your little ones, your partners and, most importantly, to yourself. All you can do is learn from each day and try to show up better and stronger for your family the next day.

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