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How to Help Your Child Fall in Love with Reading


How to Help Your Child Fall in Love with Reading

Reading helps your child build their language skills and strengthen their cognitive abilities. However, it can be tough for children to want to read, especially if they read all day during school. Here are five ways to help your child develop a love for reading. 

Be the Example

If you show a love for reading, your child will follow your example. Make time in the evening to read together as a family. Have conversations about the book you are reading and ask them about their books as well. When reading becomes a regular part of the family routine, they will likely practice it more often on their own.  

Connect to Real Life

Children are more engaged with reading when their books are connected to real life. Take trips or provide experiences based on what they are reading. For example, if your child is enjoying a book about dinosaurs, take them to a science museum to look at fossils and bones. If your child likes books about sports, take them to a game or grab a ball and toss it around in the backyard. 

 Create a Reading Nook

 Find a spot in the house where your child can comfortably curl up with a book and look for child-sized furniture so they can make the space their own. Also, you can ask your child if they want a specific theme for their reading nook. For example, if your child likes outer space, stick glow-in-the-dark stars and planets on the walls. Get creative with it!  

 Use the Library

 The children’s section of the library often hosts special events to promote reading. From puppet shows to animal caretakers, the library is an exciting place. Sit with your child and look through the library’s event calendar then pick a few events that sound like fun and attend them. Be sure while you are there to get a library card for your child. This promotes responsibility in book ownership and gives them the opportunity to pick the books they want to read. 

Book vs. Movie

 Have a family reading time where you read a book that has a movie adaptation. Work on the book a few pages or chapters at a time. When the book is finished, schedule a family movie night where you get to watch the film version in the living room. If there is an upcoming movie that has a book, read it together then celebrate by going to the movies. Some performance art centers host children’s plays for a different take on classic fairy tales so check your cities local events calendar.  

 Sometimes it is hard for children to get excited about reading. If you teach your child that reading is fun and make it a part of your daily life, they will begin to enjoy it more. Keep your child’s interests in mind and use that to guide them into learning to love to read.


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