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Frequency: Quarterly • Print Circulation: 10,500
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iE Parenting Media Kit 2020

Thank you for your interest in advertising with us. iE Parenting is the perfect place for you to generate buzz about your business. Read on to find out how advertising with us can help you achieve your bottom line.

iE Parenting’s team are experienced media professionals who are committed to their client’s most pressing marketing objectives in these growing times in the Inland Empire. Every media dollar spent, whether through the pages of iE Parenting’s quarterly magazine, on our website, or at our exciting community events.

We are a quarterly magazine, the first parenting magazine dedicated to parents in the Inland Empire with over 10,000 copies, and growing, distributed for free each month.

The Magazine

iE Parenting magazine is a full size, full color, high quality publication that is dedicated to parents in the Riverside and San Bernardino areas. We focus on parenting tips, local hot spots, and family friendly events & services in the regional area.

We can be picked up in many convenient locations in the  Riverside and San Bernardino counties, courtesy of one of the largest media companies in the United States, who is managing our distribution.

We will always do our best to tailor a complete package for each client to ensure that you receive maximum exposure and maximum value.

The Website

iE Parenting is the leading parenting website in the Inland Empire. Since October 12, 2018 we have received over 76,000 impressions.

These information is incredibly important to our advertisers as they relate directly to the amount of traffic that our site receives and this traffic in turn relates directly to the amount of inquiries that our advertisers receive.

Quite simply, over the last 7 months, we have generated more on-line inquiries for the Inland Empire than any other single source dedicated to parenting.

We look forward to working with you in the near future.



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